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Kawakin Holdings Co., Ltd. Corporate Profile

Corporate name Kawakin Holdings Co., Ltd.
Establishment October 1, 2008
Head office 2-2-7 Kawaguchi, Kawaguchi, Saitama, Japan
Tel +81-48-259-1111
Capital 500 million yen
Representative President and CEO, Shinkichi Suzuki
Fiscal year-end March 31, annually
Number of employees 1,985(as of the end of March, 2022)
Business activities Materials, construction machinery, industrial machinery, and real estate leasing operations
Consolidated sales 39,435 million yen (Fiscal Year 2020)Investor Relations

Corporate Governance

Kawakin Holdings Group aims to be trusted by all stakeholders, including its customers and investors. We are striving to ensure the transparency and soundness of the Group’s management by introducing the governance structure and systems outlined below.

Directors and Board of Directors

Kawakin Holdings has positioned the Board of Directors as an organization that decides the Group’s fundamental management policies and strategies as well as matters relating to the execution of important business operations. The Board of Directors holds meetings at any time when the need arises.
Directors are appointed for a term of one year (until the conclusion of the final ordinary meeting of shareholders relating to the end of the fiscal year that ends within one year after their election).

Management Committee

At Kawakin Holdings, the Management Committee holds meetings at any time when the need arises to examine the Kawakin Group’s basic strategy, the fundamental policies of Group management, important issues relating to the entire Group, and important matters relating to the management of each Kawakin Group company, as well as to mutually verify important information concerning Group management.

Corporate Auditors and Board of Corporate Auditors

Kawakin Holdings has adopted the auditing system. At present, the Board of Corporate Auditors comprises three corporate auditors. The Board of Corporate Auditors holds meetings at any time when the need arises.

Accounting Auditor

Kawakin Holdings entrusts accounting audits to Toyo & Co. As the accounting auditor, Toyo expresses its opinions regarding Kawakin Holdings Group’s financial statements and other corporate information while maintaining an independent standpoint.