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Certified as "Foster Parent of Road" by Ibaraki Prefecture

"Road Foster-Parent Program" is a program initiated by Ibaraki Prefecture where companies appointed as "foster parent" in Ibaraki (volunteer groups) , road administrators and the local community join hands to keep roads in Ibaraki clean. On February 26th, 2015, one of our subsidiaries, Kawakin Core-Tech Co., Ltd. was certified as a foster parent with its plant located in Ibaraki. Several enmloyees of the plant participate in weeding and clean-up activites for 620 meters from Sanno to Kinugawa-ohashi four to six times annually. Kawakin Holdings Group is comitted to contribute to the beautification in Ibaraki through fostering the road environment friendly to the local community.

Supporting the Traffic Accident Prevention Campaign Aimed at Children

image:Accident Prevention Campaign

The Traffic Accident Prevention Campaign is planned by Asahi Photo News Inc. The project aims at protecting children from traffic calamities through the promotion of the diffusion and awareness of traffic safety in order to reduce traffic accidents, which are continuing to increase. Kawakin Holdings Group endorses this Campaign and has donated a set of filing cabinets with the plates of traffic safety mottos, Asahi Shogakusei Shimbun, Asahi Chugakusei Weekly, and Asahi Weekly. We aim to raise awareness regarding routine traffic safety.