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President and CEO Shinkichi Suzuki

Nowadays, great expectations are placed on "technology that helps create harmony between people and society and nature," which is the origin of civil engineering. Accordingly, building infrastructure to ensure a sustainable, safe, reliable, and pleasant way of life and social environment has become one of important international issues.
Kawakin Holdings Group places this contemporary issue of "Living and social infrastructure lifecycle innovation" at the core of its group activities. Based on the view that our real social contribution is to help resolve social issues through our business activities, we are endeavoring to realize our mission.
As members of an engineering solution group that creates high-grade products by anticipating the ever-changing technology seeds of the future, we will proactively continue to educate and improve ourselves. We regard high-grade technology and product development standards, which are rooted in social and market needs, as a challenge. As a social institution, we intend to always be a group that is conscious of its corporate social responsibility.

Kawakin Holdings Co.,Ltd
President and CEOShinkichi Suzuki